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  Our plantation mostly consists of non-irrigated olive trees which produce a limited quantity of quality olive oil. The entire production is supplied to the increasing demand for our products.

  We also have the unique, up to now, organic farming of Aloe Vera in volcanic soil for final products of higher quality characteristics, as confirmed by a Study of the Agricultural University of Athens. (link)

  We must say that farming is a time consuming and laborious process, however necessary for us in order to ensure the quality of raw materials from which we produce our fresh cosmetic products.

  When conditions permit, we collect by hand the abundant wild herbs that grow in the land of Troizinia, such as:

oregano, St. John's wort, rosemary, thyme, lavender, etc. from which we produce drinkable oils.

  Very close to our plantation operates a traditional hotel for people who likes to relax by the sea!

  You can see the hotel here

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